Apivio Systems Inc.: Next-Gen Voice Solutions

Apivio Systems Inc.: Next-Gen Voice Solutions

Rob Bakshi, President & CEO, Apivio SystemsRob Bakshi, President & CEO
Organizations rely on effective communications to improve overall enterprise productivity. Effective collaboration a basic necessity especially for distributed enterprises. With teams sprawled across geographical areas, enterprises need cost effective communications tools that provide high quality communications. Apivio is a leading vendor of VoIP communications devices, bringing together core competencies in the area of VoIP, Android and Wi-Fi. Since inception, the Company has developed and manufactured innovative devices that enable portability and smart Android applications over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones.

Recent improvements in VoIP technology are resulting in devices that provide better call quality and extensive new functionality. “We provide products that are high quality not only in terms of voice quality, but also in terms of flexibility, adaptability and upgradability,” said Rob Bakshi, President & CEO of Apivio. The Richmond, BC headquartered Company has sold more than 5 million VoIP phones. “Apivio’s products have excellent call quality and other features like POE, gigabit ethernet and portable Wi-Fi support to enable mobility of the phone,” states Bakshi, and our customers are extremely receptive to these new phones.

Earmarking superior quality and design, Apivio showcases its portfolio - the Dexter, Liberty and Monet series. The Dexter series, with its ease-of-use features, is designed for conventional desktop VoIP usage. The Liberty series are Wi-Fi phones that have received wide adoption and success in the Korean telecommunication market. Apivio has developed a powerful cloud based system (“CLive”) that enables remote provisioning, upgrades and troubleshooting by telecommunications carriers. Besides the enterprise market, these phones are also sold to the residential market where users can carry their home phones and use them over any Wi-Fi network.

These smart Android based deskphones can be enhanced by adding apps to augment enterprise connectivity, productivity and information flow

Bakshi describes a recent customer’s use case for the Liberty series. A large distributor of electronics products complained about the inherent limitations of traditional deskphones. Its employees were constantly moving around the warehouse and hence unable to answer calls on their deskphones. Upon changing to Apivio’s Liberty Wi-Fi phones, employees were able to carry their deskphones with them and communicate as they worked around the warehouse.

Finally, the Monet series represents the future of the smart deskphone. “These smart deskphones running on Android, are similar to mobile smartphones, so enterprises can run custom apps designed to increase revenue, productivity and other custom functionality relevant to their industry” explains Bakshi. “The potential benefits of running apps on enterprise phones are only limited by the imagination of the user”. Examples include healthcare professionals who can video conference and share information amongst themselves and with patients. Similarly, hotels can develop apps for phones in their hotel rooms to assist customers find local restaurants, tourist attractions and other events. These phones are exclusively sold through Apivio’s partner; NEC Corporation of America.

Apivio has a highly educated and specialized workforce, enabling the development of innovative products. “Our investment in R&D is evenly balanced between new product development, sustaining engineering and visionary products. The Company is gearing up to launch the Liberty and Monet series phones in the North American market.”Bakshi predicts, “Our Wi-Fi and Android phones will play a pivotal role in enterprise and residential communications in the years ahead.”