Blue Front Technology Group: Forging Meaningful Relationships

Blue Front Technology Group: Forging Meaningful Relationships

Daniel Passacantilli, CEO and Owner, Blue Front Technology GroupDaniel Passacantilli, CEO and Owner
Communication and collaboration have emerged as the lifeblood of every business today. Boston, MA-based Blue Front Technology Group helps large businesses with superior, vendor-agnostic IT solutions. The company has a proven track record of enabling companies with uninterrupted business execution and improved productivity by offering them innovative unified communication (UC) solutions and managed network services. For instance, Blue Front helped a company large company-- running a legacy Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network with six different phone systems across 60 different locations--carry out business seamlessly. “They not only doubled their bandwidth and achieved network redundancy but also moved their entire voice network to the cloud,” says Christopher Fanning, Chief Revenue Officer at Blue Front. Under the hood, Blue Front moved them from MPLS to SD-WAN, which did the trick. Now the client’s teams work from anywhere, anytime, without having to do the heavy lifting involved in migration to a new environment. This has proved immensely beneficial for the client during the COVID-19 lockdown.

As technology keeps changing at a fast pace, it is imperative for CIOs to future-proof their technology decisions. Blue Front acts as an advisor to the CIOs, addressing their concerns over adopting an efficient UC platform. With over 18 years in the industry, Blue Front brings an in-depth experience of its backend staff, including account managers, customer service representatives, and project managers to aid its clients to provide comprehensive services. Team Blue Front has years of experience and deep technology knowledge about the latest offerings in the market. The team works proactively to ensure clients get the right solution.

Born in telecom, we morphed into a UC shop, and today Blue Front has transformed into an IT solutions company that provides turnkey solutions to its clients

Blue Front offers a full lifecycle portfolio of IP services ranging from helpdesk support to security through complete infrastructure. The firm departs from the ‘one-size-fits-all policy and, to that end, has a multitude of UC platform vendor partners. “Born in telecom, we morphed into a UC shop, and today Blue Front has transformed into an IT solutions company that provides turnkey solutions to its clients,” says Daniel Passacantilli, CEO of Blue Front.

Clients call in Blue Front to evaluate their businesses to enable smooth adoption of a suitable UC platform. Team Blue Front begins with understanding the client’s objectives and works closely with the entire IT team, from CIO to telecom manager for strategy mapping, to select the appropriate vendor from the list. With clients’ approval, the firm’s back-office staff of project managers and client service representatives aid in the solution implementation. Further, it makes the clients familiar with the new platform through ongoing support and training to provide a seamless customer experience. The back-office teams remain available to the clients for future assistance with troubleshooting and system maintenance.

“In our services, we use our partnership with TPX communications, Zoom, Star2Star, RingCentral and other companies to create great benefits for our clients,” says Fanning. These companies are established companies with a proven portfolio of solutions in the niche area of UC platforms. Each of the companies provides specific UC solutions and are widely recognized in their niche.

Marching forward, Blue Front is looking to hire IT practitioners and CEOs who have in-depth knowledge about cloud enablement strategy. Additionally, the firm is looking to provide a new ‘CIO as a Service’ offering that will help clients with assessments and support to build their roadmaps, keeping the technology and security in mind. Under its CIO as a service umbrella, Blue Front is looking to bring in security engineers to update its technology outlook.
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Blue Front Technology Group

Blue Front Technology Group

Boston, MA

Daniel Passacantilli, CEO and Owner and Christopher Fanning, Chief Revenue Officer

With an array of full service IT firms at our disposal, Blue Front Technology Group has the expertise and knowledge to get from point A to point B