Brightlink IP: Next-Generation Media-Rich Data and Voice Solutions

Brightlink IP: Next-Generation Media-Rich Data and Voice Solutions

Joe White, COO, Brightlink IPJoe White, COO
Enterprise networks are seemingly undergoing a significant change. Today, networking vendors are scurrying to gain the early market advantage to provide solutions to power next-generation, carrier-defined enterprise networks. As new technologies facilitate innovative ways of architecting and delivering networking services to enterprise users, Brightlink IP—an Internet Protocol (IP) communications provider delivering backbone services to enterprises and carriers—streamlines premium telecom services into a simple yet sophisticated operational gateway.“We have an incredible technology background which we use deliver communication services through our cloud technologies while taking advantage of the large global network that Brightlink has built,” asserts Joe White, Chief Operating Officer at Brightlink IP.

Brightlink IP empowers business by leveraging our networks specifically built for the heavy demand of carriers. Either through traditional interconnections or IP, carriers demand ultra-fast transaction times, reliability and quality with the ability to connect with customers throughout the world. In addition, Brightlink IP gives Enterprise customers the ability to connect locations with a dedicated bandwidth and maintain a centralized point of management, segregating a variety of traffic types on a single network.

“We deliver easy-to-deploy voice solutions for Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) and enterprise platforms with superior quality,” delineates White. “Our platform supports high-definition audio and video transmission, on demand voice transcoding, automatic data and voice capacity augmentation, and real time voice and data Quality of service (QoS) inspection.” With minimal cost existing telephone numbers can be easily ported to Brightlink’s global Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services. Brightlink IP helps customers by delivering a comprehensive service portfolio and an unsurpassed communications network that reaches end users quickly, anywhere around the world.

Backed by the simplicity of working with a single provider for unified communications to comprehensive managed cloud networking services, Brightlink IP provides innovative, scalable solutions. Brightlink IP’s robust messaging platform drives global unified communications and collaboration operations, providing unparalleled features and reliability.

We deliver easy-to-deploy voice solutions for Unified Communication and Collaboration(UC&C) and enterprise platforms with superior quality

By being a Microsoft partner and integrating with the Skype for Business platform, companies can take full advantage of Brightlink IP’s SIP trunks, Toll-Free Numbers, Local DID’s. Skype for business customers can also build customized applications to alert users about online meetings, remind attendees of tasks, and even distribute presentations, audio recordings, and videos to any mobile device on any network through the Brightlink Messaging platform. Brightlink IP’s cloud platform allows sending messages anytime and anywhere via HTTP, without requiring a separate application. Further, it can promotional materials and information relative to customer interest and preferences in real time boosting customer Return on Investment (ROI)by monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing resources to customers with mobile communication needs.

“With our customized, secure communications solutions we service some of the largest Enterprises in the world,” describes White. In one instance, a company that had to deal a low rate of answered calls from their call centers approached Brightlink to find an efficient way to contact their customers. “This company faced huge roadblocks in contacting customers without their own text messaging capability in their network,” says White. To this end, Brightlink’s unified mobile messaging platform reliably delivered messages to customers at any destination without the need to maintain carrier relationships and connections. Hence, the employees were able to send and receive custom order responses from customers at any time without having to change phone numbers or install additional infrastructure.

“We are expanding our data center that supports cloud solutions for our customers on the West Coast,” states White. Beyond that, the firm provides the ability to log in and view all the logistical information and take advantage of different offerings that they possess. “Over the next couple of years, we will be expanding globally with our data centers located beyond U.S., in Asia or Europe,” concludes White.