Brightlink: One Stop Solution for All Communications Needs

Brightlink: One Stop Solution for All Communications Needs

Rob Chen CEO, BrightlinkRob Chen, CEO
Communications has never been more critical for organizations as it is the very thread that connects customers, employees, and management while enhancing productivity and profitability. A combination of fast, reliable, and clear communications between different stakeholders is essential to achieve desired business goals, especially in the hyper-connected, omnichannel world that we live in today.

With the introduction of new communication channels and technology innovations, business communication has evolved dramatically. However, many organizations are either in the dark about recent communication technologies that are available or have difficulty in implementing them effectively.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Brightlink’s core mission is to enable better ways to communicate through their leading technology platform and solutions. Brightlink delivers voice, messaging, analytics, and cloud-based solutions, providing businesses with a one-stop solution for turnkey communications needs. “Brightlink transforms how businesses communicate,” remarks Rob Chen, CEO for Brightlink. A testament to this is the fact that the company powers more than 30 Bn communication interactions a year.

Brightlink’s solutions not only enable everyday communications but also make them better. For example, Brightlink HD Voice allows customers to experience high-quality voice calls with greater clarity while minimizing echo, muffled voices, and dropped calls. Brightlink Messaging improves omnichannel interactions by enabling any toll-free or local number to send and receive messages for marketing or customer service purposes.

Brightlink transforms how businesses communicate.

The company also delivers a leading cloud-based PBX solution that easily scales for companies of all sizes without the need for expensive hardware installation and maintenance. The Cloud PBX solution is built on a multi-tenant platform, comes pre-bundled with Brightlink’s network services, and provides configurable branding options as well as an optional contact center module.

Brightlink’s full-featured CPaaS platform includes APIs that provides access to its robust network services capabilities. The company uniquely enables customers to tap into powerful communication capabilities across all three layers of Brightlink’s technology stack — infrastructure (global network service), integration (CPaaS platform with APIs), and applications (end-user interface).

With Brightlink’s global network of more than 150 worldwide access points, customers do not have to worry about issues such as performance, reliability, scalability, and security. Another critical aspect is a keen focus on transparency and quality of service via LiveView, Brightlink’s analytics platform. It enables businesses tomonitor real-time SMS easily and call traffic and view quality metrics and KPI to get insights and make changes accordingly.

Highlighting a customer success story, Chen mentions a mid-size Atlanta-based company called NetRoadshow, the leading provider of web-based “roadshows” to the investment community. Having a robust communications platform that is fully managed by a trusted partner is core to NetRoadshow especially since everything is conducted over the internet. From voice connectivity via CPaaS to access to global numbers, Brightlink’s industry-leading VoIP network services infrastructure delivers on the full range of requirements for NetRoadshow.

Coming out of a strong 2018, Brightlink is laser-focused on continuing their growth in 2019 as well. They are continuously working on enhancing their inventory of purpose-built cloud solutions as well as extending their core CPaaS and network services infrastructure.