Callifi: Customer-First Telecom Veterans Leading the VoIP Charge

Callifi: Customer-First Telecom Veterans Leading the VoIP Charge

Sasson Abada, Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder and Gilad Abada, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, CallifiSasson Abada, Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder and Gilad Abada, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
The Abada family experienced a lifetime of telecom transformation - wires, electronics, light signals for calls, LED, digital, devices, and now VoIP, which offers endless potential relative to traditional phone systems. However, VoIP has its share of challenges. Implementing VoIP can be a complex task involving estimating bandwidth needs, selecting the most appropriate equipment and feature sets, delivering consistent performance, and collaborating with all customer stakeholders. When done incorrectly, companies experience call quality issues and inconsistent phone service, which results in increased and unnecessary investment of time and money to resolve these issues.

This is where Callifi’s heritage has served it well. The New York-based firm has decades of experience helping clients design and implement customized business telecom solutions. “We deliver systems specific to the customer’s needs after examining their infrastructure and business operations to aid them in garnering the optimal value of each investment,” says Sasson Abada, Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder of Callifi. “We can work on older systems and networks because of our heritage while it is harder for newer providers who started in VoIP to deliver this expertise which is essential to deliver crystal clear voice quality and phones that just work! That’s the only way we know,” Sasson continued.

The status quo in VoIP is deteriorating as providers struggle with these challenges and veer away from the customer. During the sales process, it has become hard to decipher pricing because of FCC regulatory fees, taxes, annual billing, and ad hoc price increases. Pre-install, providers do not take the time to learn the customer’s specific needs nor offer the experience to improve their communications systems. Post-install, customers are left to call center staff trained to open tickets, escalate issues, empathize with frustrated customers - anything but actually fixing the issues.

Callifi is creating a new standard in the VoIP space. The company prides itself on clearly communicating rates and providing the highest quality service. Callifi delivers the features and functionality vital to VoIP communication and ensures that the client’s specialized needs are met with customized solutions. The company’s solutions easily adapt to changing business needs and accommodate updates without major overhauls.
It is proactive to help assess and fix any issues that may arise. “We become a part of our customers’ teams. Together with their employees, IT, and other relevant stakeholders, we design, implement, train, service and support custom systems that work around their needs ” explains Gilad Abada, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder. Throughout the process, Callifi’s “communication craftsmen” bring their expertise into each client’s telecom system to ensure that they are getting the most value possible out of their system.

We deliver systems specific to the customer's needs after examining their infrastructure and business operations to aid them in garnering the optimal value of each investment

Callifi is proud to bring this customer-first approach to every customer. Sasson cited an example where Medical office customers were able to stay in communication with patients during power outages with its redundancy and proactive monitoring even during Hurricane Sandy which literally helped ease life or death issues while offices with competitor providers weren’t as fortunate. “We treat every customer with this same level of importance,” he continued.

Sasson cited another example where financial services professionals require certifications to speak directly to customers but are often at meetings away from the office. Through custom call routing, calls flowed through official channels while reaching all the relevant devices in the sequence most convenient to the employee. Sasson was particularly passionate about work with non-profit organizations to connect global offices so employees can call extension to extension globally, helping to unify and streamline operations. “Every time our client wins, we celebrate together with them as partners,” he continued.

Callifi continues to push forward its mission in partnership with the tech community and customers helping everyone to improve. “We rigorously test the latest equipment. During this process, we report bugs in software and hardware to manufacturers and work with them to find and implement fixes. We have gone so far as registering phones with bugs to our test server to have real-time feedback as we worked with manufacturers.” adds Gilad. Callifi also builds custom integrations, security, and reporting for its customers and remains committed to delivering new features in its offerings by utilizing the emerging technology coupled with its deep expertise to empower customers.

The company has become a trusted sounding board for its customers not only in VoIP but also for better leveraging other parts of their tech stacks. “Our mandate is our customer success. Our customers’ needs guide us forward,” concludes Gilad. “Our father immigrated to this country before there was VoIP, and we carry on this tradition. My brother Gilad programmed VoIP before most of today’s providers came into existence. And I am happiest when helping family, friends, and customers. It is just part of who I am. So we are excited about the future, writing the next chapter with Callifi,” concludes Sasson.