Chicago Business VoIP: Hands-On Hosted VoIP

Chicago Business VoIP: Hands-On Hosted VoIP

Chicago Business VoIP’s “Hands-On Hosted VoIP™” approach makes them unique in an industry full of competitors where customers are just a number. “Our customers never wait on hold for our attention and are able to contact us 24/7 with questions or issues. Our goal is to offer the best phone service quality mixed with features that optimize business results, supported by guaranteed personal customer support,” states Bob Welker, CEO of Chicago Business VoIP (CBV).

The future of CBV is bright as the acceptance rate for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is skyrocketing with many small businesses making the switch—driven by VoIP’s ability to optimize business communication and redefine customer interaction. Consequently, CBV’s unique approach makes the adoption of VoIP technology seamless and pain-free. With a customer-first approach, CBV’s Hands-On Hosted VoIP™ delivery model and 60-day Money-Back Guarantee make the choice to move to VoIP an easy one. Founded in Chicago in 2009, CBV prides itself on being “Chicago’s Hometown Phone Company for Business™” while also providing services in 29 states and Canada.

“At CBV, there is no finger pointing between the carrier and our VoIP service—we own the issue through to resolution,” says Welker. CBV’s Managed VoIP offering takes ownership of the customer’s internet circuit. Using specialized monitoring tools, CBV engineers have the visibility and control needed to eliminate the guesswork of troubleshooting VoIP issues. This allows CBV to hold the customer’s internet service provider accountable. CBV’s network operation center monitors the client’s internet connection every 90 seconds for any packet loss, latency, and overutilization. If the system detects an issue, the firm proactively opens a ticket with the internet carrier, saving customers from the hassle of sitting on hold, waiting for the carrier support team to tell them “nothing is wrong” and creating the finger-pointing merry-go-round.

With affordable enterprise-grade solutions, CBV’s revolutionary mobility and cloud technologies allow small businesses to avail the same features and functionality that Fortune 500 firms enjoy at a fraction of the cost.

With CBV there is no finger pointing—we own the issue

Focusing intensively on customer service, CBV provides a live answer support button on each handset deployed in the field for immediate assistance and the ability to dispatch an engineer to the customer site if required.

When it comes to implementation, CBV is a very nimble provider. CBV’s Hands-On VoIP™ dispatches an installation engineer not only to handle the installation but also provide onsite training, making the transition even smoother. Case in point: a company using a premise-based phone system moved to a new location, and the incumbent carrier delivered only a single-user POTs line instead of the necessary PRI line for the company’s phones. Subsequently, they only had one channel of communication for a company with 35 users. In a crisis, the customer contacted CBV, where the team was able to program the customer’s system and deliver new handsets on short notice. CBV’s onsite installation technicians installed the phones, trained the users, and had the new system functional and live within 24 hours.

CBV is in the unique position of also being a nationwide cellular provider, making it possible to bring all communication services to a single provider. Additionally, CBV has published an app called CBV Mobility™ across major app stores. With this app, users can take their desk-phone anywhere with the full functionality of the CBV platform.

“CBV is a customer service company disguised as a telecommunications provider. We do not require contracts with our customers; in most cases, our service is provided on a month-to-month basis. So it is our responsibility to earn each customer’s business every month,” adds Welker. Through automation and partnerships, CBV can deploy services anywhere in the country without sacrificing quality service or support.