IPitimi: Advancing IP Telephony, One Customer at a Time

IPitimi: Advancing IP Telephony, One Customer at a Time

Greg Nielsen, Founder & CEO, IPitimiGreg Nielsen, Founder & CEO
Telephony has changed more in the last three years than it has in all of the previous 100 years combined. The rise of IP Telephony is at the forefront of this transformation and IPitimi (pronounced like the word epitome) is leading the way.

“Voice and data have always relied upon each other,” says IPitimi Founder and CEO, Greg Nielsen. “In the early days of the Internet, data relied heavily upon the voice infrastructure, DSL shared your phone line for example. But now, the opposite is true, voice is merely an application that rides on top of data circuits. Most providers still don’t recognize the idea that voice is now just an application.” Headquartered in Austin, TX, IPitimi provides VOIP and IP Telephony applications that are capable of catering to innovative startups to the massive deployments that span the world for large enterprises, and they have effectively done both.

Rick Dubois, IPitimi CFO says, “The key to staying relevant is to continually work on bringing leading applications to our customers. Someone who wants a plain product today, will need advanced services tomorrow. Technology is moving so fast that we need to stay up with customers demand and cost effectively bring these applications to the market. Communications today is vastly different than the old notion of that if we talk on the phone we are good. Now it requires constant updates by text, face-to-face video meetings and even joint collaboration so that geographically dispersed parties can truly understand each other.” If a communications product or provider can’t do that, then they are irrelevant for tomorrows communications needs,” continued Dubois.

“Today’s customers want to create their own IP Telephony and integrate it with an increasingly larger number of applications and we make that very easy over our 100 percent IP based network,” says Nielsen.

The days of trying to integrate legacy systems into telephony are over, instead, we are integrating our telephony into our customers’ legacy systems

“IPitimi develops and exposes APIs to our customers who then make our range of services do exactly what they want it to do andfor IPitimi, it has worked very well in accelerating even our own innovation.” In addition to its industry leading APIs, IPitimi fuses WebRTC, or Real Time Communications to unify a combination of web, telephony, and business applications, all being led by an executive leadership team which was recruited from the best software and telecom companies.“While we operate on the world’s leading platforms of Broadsoft and Skype for Business, we have developed our own proprietary middleware, which plays a keyrole in amalgamating with the applications on the client side. This gives our customer the highest platform reliability, scalability and now with IPitimi’s applications, the highest flexibility as well,” he adds.

IPitimi’s success is based on its joint approach to solving communications complexities alongside their clients. One such customer, Strive Logistics, an advanced logistics technology company. Strive has hundreds of brokers and agents in call centers across multiple states. Before approaching IPitimi, Strive Logistics had its own proprietary platform that ran their entire operation, an investment over several years to meticulously integrate all of their other independent applications at the back end. Their development staff literally integrated IPitimi’s telephony platform into their existing legacy system over a single lunch break. The results are a measurable improvement to their workflow productivity and internal communication. That is true flexibility. “The days of trying to integrate legacy systems into telephony are over, instead, we are integrating our telephony into our customers’ legacy systems. This is how we are staying relevant and how we are standing out,” says Nielsen.