Jive Communications: Building Stronger Business Communication through Cloud PBX

Jive Communications: Building Stronger Business Communication through Cloud PBX

John Pope, CEO, Jive CommunicationsJohn Pope, CEO
“We consider ourselves one law firm with 14 locations,” says Andrea Walker who works as HelpLine Managing Attorney at Legal Aid of Arkansas (LAA) as she stresses on the challenges of fund crunch in legal aid work. Under such circumstances, telephony and technology services consume almost 20 percent of LAA’s annual budget. Jive Communications, an innovative unified communication services provider helped LAA to achieve call routing seamlessly regardless of the geographic location. LAA employees are now able to carry the same extension on the go, across the state. This collaboration between the firm and LAA stands as a testament to the functionality of Jive Communication’s solutions.

Empowered with a proprietary cloud, Jive Communications offers hosted VoIP and Unified Communications services to businesses and organizations. Driven by the idea of growing with the customer, the company averts complexity in the telephony by facilitating users with real-time customization through a dynamic web-based phone system. With relentless innovation in the software running in the DNA of Jive, real-time analytics and CRM integration in call handling process for better decision making are the manifestation of the company’s s well directed efforts.

Reigning in on the expensive maintenance requirements as in the case of on-premise PBX hosting, Jive Cloud, the company’s cloud platform promotes cost efficiency and reliability with advanced enterprise-level features. As the platform is based on open standards, Jive Cloud supports commodity equipment. This cloud offering delivers high returns in the form of greater resource utilization including bandwidth. As data and voice can be put onto a single network, the excess lines can be combined for greater bandwidth. Calls, voicemails, and user settings can be managed on the go from any device though internet.

Alongside the VoIP features, Jive offers call management features, and advanced capabilities for call centers, Cloud PBX, international calling, and number porting. The innovative Jive Cloud platform hosts features for mobility, virtual faxing, and video conferencing.

As we expand our cloud communications offering, we look for lightweight, user-friendly, game-changing applications that engage the enterprise

PBX on cloud means employees can communicate with customers and fellow workers using the same extension regardless of whether the employee is at home, office, or outside. With Jive Cloud, personal smart devices deliver the same office experience through hosted apps. The company is pushing the envelope by introducing more and more intelligence in its platform to provide an overarching communication and telephony experience for its customers. Auto attendant, unified messaging, chat, soft clients, and conference bridge supporting 10 users are some of the other key aspects of the Jive platform. The attractive feature for small businesses is the platform’s ability to facilitate customization of local area codes for different regions by which they can avoid expensive long distance calling.

Jive offers greater resilient networks for its customers through its distributed data center network. Backed by a team of experts that is available round the clock, customers can build on their strong communication lines supported by PBX redundancies and customizable failover option. As Jive is self-dependent for all of its IT needs, organizations can better focus on their business operations while issues are being fixed in real time by Jive’ experts. Enterprises, software companies, educational institutions, businesses from hospitality industry as well as government agencies are all leveraging Jive’s cloud-based PBX for their telephony needs. The company is striding ahead with expansion plans in other countries including Canada with its recent acquisition of Easy Office Phone, a cloud-based business phone service provider. With partners such Juniper Networks, Cisco, Panasonic, Microsoft, Brocade, and more, Jive is buttressing its platform with innovative applications that make communications a joy ride. “As we expand our cloud communications offering, we look for lightweight, user-friendly, game-changing applications that engage the enterprise,” concludes John Pope, CEO, Jive.