KCG Communications: Leveraging Hosted Voice Services to Enhance Communication

KCG Communications: Leveraging Hosted Voice Services to Enhance Communication

Josh Beram, President and Charla Beram, VP, KCG CommunicationsJosh Beram, President and Charla Beram, VP
“Thank you for calling us. All of our agents are currently busy. Please hold while we connect you to the next available agent. Your call is important to us.” Ever imagined how many consumers actually disconnect the call after listening to this message and the disastrous impact it has on an organization’s revenue? This is an even bigger hassle during peak business seasons, where, enterprises not only lose their income but also fail to deliver a good consumer experience. In one instance, a landscaper in Colorado failed to meet her organizational goals as she did not have the scalability required to answer all her customers. In her profession, the period between June and August was the only time in a year when her services are high in demand. She needed to facilitate ten conversations simultaneously to cater to all her clients, but she was contracted for only three telephone lines which did not allow multiple calls to happen concurrently. Even if she bought new lines, it would leave a hole in her pockets and does not help if her volumes exceeded. Because of this issue, she lost clients and missed out on numerous revenue opportunities. In search of a solution, she contacted KCG Communications, a full-service telecommunications organization, in order to adopt a new communication strategy. After leveraging KCG’s hosted voice service solutions—DB Networks—she could answer multiple client calls at the same time and not miss out on any income. This allowed her to only pay for her contracted talk paths year round and pay for the on-demand talk paths only when needed.

Helping many such businesses communicate better since 1980, KCG Communications offers a portfolio of telecommunication services and products that include features such as automatic call distribution, automated attendant, and conference bridge that helps clients increase revenue by enhancing their means of communication.

We are unique because we treat our employees well and offer our clients a partnership instead of a vendor-customer relationship

“As we offer both traditional phone systems and DB Networks-hosted voice services, we want to educate our customers first on implementing the right product, based on their requirements and goals,” says Charla Beram, VP of KCG Communications.

Galvanized by digitalization, companies worldwide have transcended from on-premise legacy telephone lines to cloud-based VoIP phone systems. Yet, there are many who fear emerging technologies due to issues such as voice services going over the internet and lost calls. To help enterprises understand the perks of adopting digital communication services and providing them solutions they require, KCG communications, a family owned entity, offers education and training as a part of their services to ensure client success and satisfaction. Encompassing over 38 years of experience and expertise in this industry, the KCG team aims to ease the migration process by assisting customers during the onboarding process and contacting them regularly after that to build an everlasting relationship.

“My father along with two other partners started this company to take good care of their customers and employees. We are unique because we treat our employees well and offer our clients a partnership instead of a vendor-customer relationship,” says Josh Beram, the president of KCG Communications. Josh fondly expresses that the company is “home away from home” for many employees who have worked at KCG for over one or two decades. Abiding by their core values and moving along with the ever-changing industry, the firm envisions expanding its cloud offerings to the IT arena and becoming a one-stop shop for all telecommunications requirements.