nimboIP: Stay Nimble and Get Ahead

nimboIP: Stay Nimble and Get Ahead

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Until 2008, the VoIP marketplace was driven by a “buy and sell model” wherein enterprises invested in telephone systems and sought IT consultants for only installation and maintenance tasks. However, the regressing economy meant that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) no longer had the capital or credit to purchase cloud-hosted phone systems, IP video surveillance systems, and other emerging VoIP technologies. With IP-enabled services becoming critical to operations of the modern enterprise, nimboIP—an Indianapolis-based VoIP consultant with over 100 years of combined expertise in the telecommunications sector—observed both a void and a business opportunity in the marketplace. As a result, nimboIP began offering managed voice services at a fixed cost that budget-strapped organizations could fit into their monthly expenses. Suddenly, SMBs with budgetary constraints could leverage the benefits of VoIP products, services, and equipment. “We’re proud of the fact that we can deliver low-cost entry points for customers, by bundling our products and services for a lease. That way, customers don’t have to spend capital to get the desired technology. They are happy to out-task functions to us, and as part of our managed services, we provide them 24x7 support,” says Bill Thompson, who entered the telcos industry in 1998 and built several companies in the hospitality and asset management sectors before finding nimboIP.

Dedicated to helping SMBs and enterprises prepare for the future of telecom, nimboIP—which specializes in cloud-based B2B voice and data, and Microsoft Productivity Solutions—is a boutique operation that “recognizes the pain” organizations endure in their technological transformation. Therefore, nimboIP’s VoIP services at incremental pricing don’t tie its customers into long-term contracts and offer a 90-day trial period with a 100 percent performance guarantee. “It’s important to us that customers feel comfortable with their investment. If they are unhappy with our services after the 90-day trial, we re-install their old systems and incur the additional expenses,” says Thompson, before emphasizing that nimboIP platform is the only managed services platform in the market that can be availed without a contract.

The nimboIP platform, based on open-source standards, is incredibly cost-effective since customers needn’t worry about routine maintenance, equipment warranty, and software upgrades.

Additionally, nimboIP layers cloud applications on top of phone systems to enable remote capabilities such as remote network management, data backup, and storage solutions. As part of the comprehensive managed service, nimboIP also integrates IP video conferencing software and a disaster recovery plan into the customer’s infrastructure.

nimboIP requires anywhere between 30 to 45 days to onboard a client. While adopting a brick-by-brick approach which begins with a thorough on-site inspection of the customer’s LAN, WAN, and structured cabling environments, nimboIP takes stock of the client’s businesses processes before tailoring solutions. “Unlike plug-and-play services that require customers to figure out the technology without assistance, we go from desktop-to-desktop and understand job functions of various employees at a client site. The process helps us onboard the client with relative ease, and they don’t suffer downtime,” says Thompson.

To illustrate the cost savings enjoyed by nimboIP’s customers, Thompson illustrates a use case scenario involving a real estate company that had multiple offices across Indiana. The client was utilizing different carriers for voice services, and hence suffered significant long distance telephone expenses due to the exchange of voice and data from multiple offices. nimboIP stepped in, standardized the client’s system, and onboarded all their branches to its platform. The aftermath? The client reduced landline costs, terminated contracts with local carriers, and enjoyed additional bandwidth for significant savings. Today, the client continues to add new offices while staying on the nimboIP platform.

nimboIP plans to sustain its yearly growth of 10-15 percent. With recently-integrated 4G failover capabilities, nimboIP will remain a boutique solution provider that won’t pressurize its clients to sign contracts or incur unnecessary expenses.