Onvoy: Delivering Advanced VoIP Services for Consolidated Communication

Onvoy: Delivering Advanced VoIP Services for Consolidated Communication

Fritz Hendricks, President, OnvoyFritz Hendricks, President
Internet has taken over the traditional telephone system and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the new technology where IP data network is used for voice communication of information. Business organizations and companies are opting for VoIP services for better security, service quality, and reduced cost. Onvoy, the North Minneapolis, Minnesota based firm, is a popular choice for consumers that are seeking to integrate VoIP in their household or business. Since 1991, the company provides 100 percent internet based wholesale voice enabling services, messaging and mobility solutions to streamline communication using the national fiber-network of Zayo Group, a single IP connection and a feature server.

“We are taking unified communication as a service platform and tying it to a wireless play, allowing a national reach on a single number play,” Fritz Hendricks, President, Onvoy. In this continuously developing tech scenario, Onvoy delivers services and solutions that allow integrated communication using Application Program Interface (API) and carrier routers. These support unceasing communication and access at a coast to coast network aiding businesses to prosper and make a wide reach. The company’s VoIP services encompasses the option of conference calls, mail folders, mail messages, call recording and easy remote access from any part of the world. These unique attributes and functionality of the firm’s VoIP service outshine market rivals and focus on delivering efficiency to the clients.

In case of long distance coverage, Onvoy ropes through national and local Inter eXchange Carriers (IXC) allowing high quality calls at a lesser cost. This tandem service can also be implied in faxes and video conferencing. In the past two decades, Onvoy’s alternate services made a national coverage across U.S. and is known for cost effective, three pricing model. The services are based on a vast network of Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG), Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), Incumbent Local exchange Carrier (ILEC), and IXC.

We are taking unified communication as a service platform and tying it to a wireless play, allowing a national reach on a single number play

Alongside the list of offerings, Onvoy recently added new products and services including Call Management Services, Transit Services, Rural Local Exchange Carrier (RLEC), SS7, and Database Services, all aiming in renovating means and methods of communication as per the consumer demands. Each of the service keeps in loop a real time monitoring tool that is active 24X7, with automatic Network Operations Centre (NOC) support from their thousands of ratecentres. Onvoy allows online communication through their portal and offline connection via texts and phone calls. In case of busy schedules, companies can use Pre-Alert announcement that will play a pre recorded message to the caller, thereby making communication easy for both the parties. Onvoy offers a common solid base connectivity to the entire customer fraternity of the country. Hendricks explains, “This would enable total end office replacement. They tie those platforms to the business line, so that together they appear as one device to the customer by using our unified communication platform.”

In order to expand the geographic coverage of VoIP service, Onvoy has also started acquisition of companies like Broadvox and Layered communications. The former contributes in their wholesale VoIP delivery, while the latter introduced voice, messaging and mobility services to the company’s communication services.

Onvoy maps to deliver personalized, pocket friendly experience in order to boost reputation and reliability among its clients. The firm’s service is compatible with any set of hardware an organization is presently equipped with. This makes the access of Onvoy services easy and quick on the customer end. For the future, the company plans to be the most preferred choice for chief wireless carriers, telephone cable companies, local government agencies, next generation VoIP, OTT organizations, and enhanced service providers in the U.S.