RingCentral: Communicate and Collaborate your Way

RingCentral: Communicate and Collaborate your Way

Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, RingCentralVlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO It’s no news that enterprises are widely adopting communication solutions at a faster rate than in the recent past. The growing enterprises have realized the potential of advanced communication technology to unlock business potential, making it easy for people to do their best work together. And when it comes to today’s mobile world, this means giving teams, partners, and customers the ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect the way they want on any device, anywhere, anytime. “That’s what we call collaborative communications, and it’s at the heart of everything we do,” begins Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of RingCentral. From an all-in-one, cloud phone system with team messaging and video conferencing to a complete contact center and more, RingCentral build solutions for every business, no matter how big or small. The San Mateo-based RingCentral is over 1,000 global employees strong, and has successfully brought high-quality telephone services such as multiple extensions and call redirection. The company is currently one of the leading providers of cloud-based phone systems for businesses.

With flexible, cost-effective cloud communications and collaboration solutions, RingCentral helps businesses create the most ideal workplace, where business can be efficient and effective. The company’s team works with its customers to reimagine the world of business communications and collaboration. This relentless passion for innovating has made RingCentral one of the most renowned cloud communications providers worldwide. By eliminating the need for multiple communication systems, and offering all-inclusive monthly pricing, RingCentral reduces the cost and complexity of managing business communications. Needless to say, organizations from Arco to Triumph Motorcycles America and Market Force rely on RingCentral for enhancing their customer support operations and internal communications.

Modern and Elegant Business Communication

Whether building a small business or managing a global enterprise, a seamless and secure connection with customers, partners and employees are essential. RingCentral offers a modern reliable and affordable cloud business communication and collaboration solution with high definition voice, video and audio conferencing, team messaging and contact center capability in one integrated platform. As a truly modern solution, RingCentral works across multiple devices at any location. In addition, RingCentral’s world-class support ensures that the workforces are operating at their best. While technology is transforming the way businesses operate, RingCentral plays a critical role in empowering businesses to communicate, collaborate, and truly connect with game-changing results.

RingCentral Office resides in the cloud and so it's more reliable and adapts quickly to the growing business needs by eliminating the use of any additional hardware

The company’s flagship offering is RingCentral Office— one of the most effective cloud communication solutions that combines calling, team messaging, video meetings and more. It reliably delivers the advanced functionality for today’s global workforce regardless of the size, location, and devices being utilized in business. Flexible and easy to use, RingCentral Office allows teams to connect and collaborate the way they want to. With seven layers of security and round the clock platform monitoring, businesses can rest assured of the protection while ensuring services will remain at the highest level possible with 99 percent uptime SLA.

With RingCentral Office, even expanding globally is hassle-free as users are provided with the opportunity to access local numbers and communication services across 80 plus countries. The solution’s powerful features including one-click HD video conferencing, real-time messaging, file sharing and more make business communication seamless. RingCentral Office is exclusively designed for small business and helps save more than 30 percent when compared with the traditional phone providers. It includes useful phone calling features like call forwarding, call routing, toll-free minutes, and video meetings so that businesses can connect with partners and customers anywhere, on any device. In addition, it can transcribe voice messages with the added convenience of integrated team messaging. RingCentral Office resides in the cloud and so it’s more reliable and adapts quickly to the growing business needs by eliminating the use of any additional hardware.

Tight Integration Strategy

For businesses with traditional phone systems migrating to move the cloud, RingCentral’s plug-n-play enabled conference phones can be seamlessly implemented by users even without any technical expertise. All it needs is an internet connection, and RingCentral’s support team is on call round the clock, ready to offer complete setup guidance. Another exciting feature is the RingCentral phone app that enables businesses to use and manage the phone system from anywhere while keeping the existing business number active, change call handling rules and access messages in just a few taps.

While building a strong relationship with colleagues and customers, IT administrators can always ensure consistent and excellent user experience. RingCentral Office integrates with other business apps including Salesforce, MS Office, DropBox, and Google Cloud. Moreover, as required, businesses can build custom integrations with RingCentral’s open APIs. RingCentral recently introduced several new tools for enterprises, including a widget for adding RingCentral integrations to CRM and additional help desk applications. The new RingCentral Embeddable widget enables customers to add RingCentral-powered cloud calling and SMS messaging into most of the third-party business applications, without building any links manually.
The new feature dramatically reduces the time from months to weeks for creating RingCentral integration.

Adding Value with Centralized Communication

RingCentral is also the first to deliver complete setup management and access of an entire phone system from a smartphone or tablet with the RingCentral mobile application. The solution’s presence capability allows colleagues to see if a user is on a call. With one-click conferencing, the hosts can easily join the conference and invite participants using text messaging.

Over the years, RingCentral has been a valued partner to some of the leading businesses across the globe. An instance that explains the value proposition of RingCentral is when the company assisted Naked Wines, an international customer-funded wine business, with cloud business communications solution. Naked Wines was looking for a system that would allow them to start up quickly, connect multiple locations, and work with their own customer relationship management system. With RingCentral’s cloud-based solution, Naked Wines’ teams were able to connect its office in the United Kingdom to handle overflow calls from the United States so that customers can always speak to a person instead of a machine. As a result of using RingCentral, Naked Wines didn’t have to worry about the scalability and growth of its business not being able to keep up with the phone system. RingCentral’s solution also allowed Naked Wines to build the business quickly, open new offices, and grow the telephone system exponentially and easily without any troubles.

"With flexible, cost-effective cloud communications and collaboration solutions, RingCentral helps businesses create the most ideal workplace, where business can be efficient and effective"

Redefining the Future of Communication

The company’s history traces back to the early ‘90s, when Shmunis started Ring Zero Systems. In its early days, Ring Zero’s focus was on cutting the previously forbidding costs of telecommunications services for small businesses. Later, Motorola acquired the company for double-digit millions before deciding to focus exclusively on mobile platforms, and then Shmunis laid the foundation of RingCentral.

Today, RingCentral leverages the cloud to bring freedom, innovation, and seamless connectivity to business phone systems. The company also recently announced extensions to its API library with new e-discovery and message-retention APIs that provides developers direct access to communication information related to voice, text message, and fax.

With RingCentral, every business can experience the power of innovation and flexibility with modern communication solutions. They can set up as quick, taking only minutes, instead of weeks, and connect all devices to the company’s phone system with ease. Moreover, transferring essential contacts and information to the new phone system is as simple as copying it, and RingCentral’s dedicated implementation team is there to ensure a smooth and seamless onboarding to its customers. In the coming years, RingCentral envisions expanding its product portfolio while enhancing communication capabilities.
- Vishnu Santhosh
    April 10, 2019

RingCentral News

RingCentral Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Connect First to Expand its Customer Engagement Portfolio

BELMONT - RingCentral, Inc., (NYSE:RNG), a leading provider of enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Connect First, a cloud-based outbound/blended customer engagement platform for midsize and enterprise companies. Connect First’s platform is deployed by customers such as the ASPCA, Carnival Cruise Line, Party City, PBS, United Way, and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) for large service providers such as Charter Cable, Comcast, and SiriusXM.

With the Connect First acquisition, the RingCentral Customer Engagement portfolio will include RingCentral Contact Center™ for inbound communications and Workforce Optimization (WFO), RingCentral Engage™ for digital customer engagement, and Connect First for outbound/blended customer interactions.

“Maximizing agent productivity in today’s rapidly changing customer service environment is becoming increasingly challenging. Customer service organizations need to seamlessly blend outbound calling activity with customer call backs and communications over digital channels,” said Jim Dvorkin, senior vice president, Customer Engagement, RingCentral. “The acquisition of Connect First complements our current Customer Engagement portfolio and will provide transformative and differentiated customer experiences. We’re excited to welcome the Connect First team to RingCentral.”

The Connect First cloud native platform is built from the ground up on a microservices architecture that is highly scalable and reliable, and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). All of Connect First’s capabilities are available through web-based APIs that enable rapid innovation and easy integration.

“At Connect First, we’ve been focused on building an innovative outbound/blended customer engagement platform with a state-of-the-art architecture,” said Geoff Mina, founder and CEO, Connect First. “This acquisition validates our technology leadership, and we’re confident that by joining forces with RingCentral we will broaden our market reach and scale to deploy our platform to enterprises worldwide.”

The Connect First platform provides key features that improve the outbound/blended customer experience and responsiveness of agents. These include:

• Preview, progressive, and predictive outbound modes to maximize the effectiveness of agents
• Telephony Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) tools to manage compliance rules and regulations
• Dynamic Agent Scripting to guide agent interactions with customers
• Call blending for managing outbound and inbound interactions to deliver optimal agent productivity
• WebRTC-based agent desktop for flexibility and ease of management
• Real-time and historical reporting and analytics for managers and supervisors
• Open APIs for easy integration with third-party applications
Cloud native architecture
• Microservices architecture running on AWS
• Fully redundant platform for high availability
• Proven deployments of multiple thousands of agents per customer

“As RingCentral continues to be chosen by larger businesses, the need to support outbound customer interactions and campaign management has increased,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, President of McGee-Smith Analytics. “With its born-in-the-cloud microservices architecture, Connect First brings technology that has already been successfully deployed across midsize and enterprise organizations and will complement RingCentral’s existing portfolio.”

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The acquisition is expected to close in Q1, 2019, and is estimated to have no material financial impact for the year ending December 31, 2019. Read More

FatPipe Networks and RingCentral Collaborate to Facilitate Enterprise Grade Cloud Communication

FatPipe Networks, a renowned player in the key SD-WAN technologies arena has announced its partnership with RingCentral, the No.1 cloud communication provider in the world. Both enterprises are looking forward to facilitating enterprise grade unified communications to customers through this collaboration.

Fremont, CA: FatPipe Networks is the inventor of the SD-WAN Concept (software-defined wide area networking), besides Hybrid WANs which can eliminate the necessity of software and hardware or the ISPs. As a result, service providers and business owners would find it easy to control traffic on multi-link networks. SD-WAN, as a technology is deployed across firms to ensure optimal service quality and availability.
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