Stratus ip: Technology-enabled VOIP Solutions

Stratus ip: Technology-enabled VOIP Solutions

Michael Dlug, CEO, Stratus ipMichael Dlug, CEO
Technology has created countless new opportunities in the business world, but at the same time, it comes with disparate set of challenges. Modern business owners find themselves trying to balance the benefits of using the new technologies with the associated financial, operational, and training costs that come along with them. For example, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, provides a less expensive and more efficient way for both small and large businesses to communicate and keep track of their customers. However, adopting, implementing, and managing these systems is often quite challenging.

Stratus ip was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing much-needed simplicity and stability to the often-unpredictable VoIP industry. As a master agent, they work to connect businesses with the right telecom carriers and manage the relationship in a way that guarantees maximum efficiency and reliability for business owners. Michael Dlug, CEO of Stratus ip, says, “By not being a carrier, you’re able to help your customers in the best way possible, because you’re not trying to sell them the products you have; instead, you’re listening to their need and then finding the best fit for them.” This client-oriented approach has allowed Stratus ip to thrive among their many competitors in the VoIP industry, staking a claim as one of the best and fastest growing master agents within the market.

While the technologies surrounding VoIP may be constantly changing, Dlug believes that the core fundamentals of serving their customers remain the same. Stratus ip’s three main focuses are to make sure the hand selected carriers they work with, provide reliable service, accurate billing w/access to key contacts at the carrier to assist if needed, and clear communications in regards to all Trouble Tickets, MAC’s, etc. “We’ve hand-selected our carriers so they fit what we believe our customers—and what we know our customers—require in the marketplace, not only from a product standpoint but from a support standpoint, as well.

We take the time to understand our client’s business and implement technology to help support their technology goals within their current infrastructure

If a carrier cannot provide us with the tools to allow us to deliver these focuses, we will not work with them,” explains Dlug.

Stratus ip helps businesses find the best hosted VoIP, unified communications, telecom services, and bandwidth solutions for their specific needs. They assist medium-sized to enterprise businesses in taking advantage of features like call centers in the cloud, call recording, and detailed call reporting, which were unavailable to the end users years ago. The company also provides SD-WAN and CRM integration technologies to their clients in collaboration with VOIP Deployments, which Dlug considers vital for all businesses moving forward.

In a recent client success story that involved a logistics company, with over 20 locations nationwide, Stratus ip transformed their communication infrastructure through gaining a complete understanding of what was in place, products & costs, then making the recommendations on how they can accomplish their technology roadmap with a staged approach of new carriers and VOIP services with zero capital expenses. The client struggled with a lack of streamlining and control in both their client and team communications. Stratus ip was not only able to solve their short-term problems, by providing solutions that allowed them to gain greater control and flexibility, but also save money. They helped the company grow, implementing a technology cleanup, then VoIP, MPLS, and SD-WAN along the way. Dlug explains, “Stratus ip took the time to understand their business and implement the technology to help support technology goals within their current infrastructure.”

Stratus ip’s focus on high-level execution and client satisfaction continues to establish them as a go-to VoIP and telecommunication solution provider for businesses.