Ultatel: Cloud-Powered Telephony Services

Ultatel: Cloud-Powered Telephony Services

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Amr Ibrahim, Founder & CEO, UltatelAmr Ibrahim, Founder & CEO
According to Gartner’s latest report on unified communications, 90 percent of IT leaders will stop purchasing on-premises based unified communications (UC) solutions by 2021, as they believe the future of communications resides in the cloud. Conforming to this statistical projection, a majority of businesses have already started transitioning from conventional office phone systems to hosted VoIP solutions. However, this change requires an enterprise to migrate its long-established telecommunications infrastructure to the cloud, which is often looked upon as an uphill task. Further aggravating this complicated makeover is the expenditure required to purchase new hardware and carrier services that support cloud-powered UC solutions. Taking point to combat these setbacks is Virginia-based ULTATEL. A cloud-based UC solution provider, ULTATEL provides a unified cloud-powered VoIP solution with a simplified implementation process. Moreover, ULTATEL makes use of a company’s existing telecommunication infrastructures, eliminating the expense of buying new hardware and replacing the old and deeply-rooted telecommunications systems. ULTATEL’s all-inclusive suite of unified cloud-based telephony solutions and services aim to improve responsiveness, increase productivity, and bolster communication efficiencies while reducing operating costs.

Discussing the robustness of ULTATEL’s hardware-independent UC solution, Amr Ibrahim, founder and CEO of ULTATEL, elaborates, “We provide enterprises with a unified communication platform that is accessible from anywhere on any device.” The UC solution also has many enterprise features like voicemail to text to aid organizations in quickly reading and categorizing customer voice messages, and responding to the queries based on their priority.

Our cloud-powered UC solutions enable clients to never miss an opportunity in providing better service to their customers

Similarly, ULTATEL’s call monitoring and call whispering features provide efficient monitoring of agent calls and hands-on training during a live call, respectively, to help contact center-based companies drive superior customer experience.

“Our cloud-powered UC solutions enable clients to never miss an opportunity in providing better service to their customers,” states Ibrahim. Along with the armful of UC capabilities, ULTATEL also offers telecom advisory services to assist its clients in implementing and utilizing UC solutions in a way that best optimizes their ROI. “Our extensive experience in handling telecommunications projects across diverse industries empowers us to offer valuable insights to clients on the effective utilization of UC solution,” asserts Ibrahim.

To highlight the efficacy of ULTATEL’s UC solution and services, Ibrahim cites a case scenario where they helped a company streamline its customer service in remote locations. Initially, the client had no system in place to track the activity of their voice-based support service personnel. This lack of monitoring made the client offer subpar customer experience. Employing ULTATEL, the company was able to consolidate all their support service personnel’s activity data in a single window, in real time. As a result, the client was able to monitor their agents better, recognize areas of opportunity to improve efficiency and improve customer service.

Looking ahead, ULTATEL aims to be one of the top cloud-based business phone system and UC solutions provider in the country. To achieve this goal, ULTATEL is continually improving its telephony solutions. Additionally, the company also has plans to enhance its business consultancy services to minimize communications cost and bolster the utilization of the UC solution. To conclude, Ibrahim reaffirms the ethos of ULTATEL, “Success for ULTATEL does not mean selling the most profitable UC product, but advising enterprises on the utilization of a UC solution that is best suited for their business.”