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ULTATEL: Upholding High-Quality Communication in a Post-Pandemic World

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Amr Ibrahim, Founder and CEO, ULTATELAmr Ibrahim, Founder and CEO
Change is inevitable. The pandemic sparked the transition of firms to remote and hybrid work models changing how teams communicate and collaborate. Interconnectivity, until now, was confined to a single office network but this transition has the workforce using their home based networks, which are often unstable.

This is where ULTATEL, a provider of cloud-based phone systems for businesses of all sizes, is making a significant difference in team communication in remote and hybrid work scenarios. The company’s cloud-based VoIP platform integrates this dispersed workforce and provides pristine quality service and ultimate user experience. ULTATEL offers a turn-key managed service with real-time support from a knowledgeable team, relieving IT administrators of the strain of management, maintenance and troubleshooting. The company’s platform combines core communications services such as voice messaging, chat, video, and audio conferencing, allowing individuals to virtually communicate, meet, and exchange information in high quality on any device.

“Data security, enterprise grade system performance no matter where you’re working from, and top-notch support from free onboarding to 24/7/365 live support form the foundation of all our cloud-based services,” says Amr Ibrahim, Founder and CEO of ULTATEL.

ULTATEL delivers on its promise of superior quality services through tier 4 data centers in concert with top-tier carriers and internet providers across the country. ULTATEL’s services do not require higher bandwidths, allowing those working remotely to experience services comparable to those with higher bandwidth.

ULTATEL offers voice, advanced phone system, video, messaging and meeting services as a single entity via the cloud.
This provides clients the benefit of merging all their communication platforms into a single, reliable system, rather than piecing togther separate systems and software, making it more cost-effective and significantly increasing productivity. ULTATEL’s platform is automated and geared to optimize personal interaction, making it a prime tool for improving team performance.

“We offer transparent analytics and reports to the customer that help them manage their businesses easier, knowing everything that is happening,” says Ibrahim.

To boost business growth, the reports provide additional information on call volume, average call duration, activity by extension, and qualitative aspects of KPIs. ULTATEL also offers a scoring tool to monitor quality assurance and assist clients in evaluating business performance. This enables clients to improve their customer service and determine necessary action like training to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Data security, enterprise grade system performance no matter where you're working from, and top-notch support from free onboarding to 24/7/365 live support form the foundation of all our cloud-based services

The success of ULTATEL’s services for a client with a global workforce illustrates the difference their VoIP platform makes. Initially, the customer depended on an on-premise system in the U.S. and had multiple teams working from the UK, Mexico, Canada, and other time zones. The lack of integration among these teams prompted them to transition to ULTATEL’s VoIP platform. This adoption allowed the client’s workforce to consolidate calls into ULTATEL’s platform. The consolidation facilitated seamless switching of calls between time zones. It also enabled reporting between these groups, demonstrating the benefit of one system managing communications.

One of the many secrets to ULTATEL’s success is the rapport they cultivate with their clients through active listening and constant feedback. This customer-centric approach drives the core of ULTATEL’s new technologies and provides insight into customer requirements. With this focus, ULTATEL continues to redefine VoIP in the new age of remote work.
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Herndon, VA

Amr Ibrahim, Founder and CEO

ULTATEL enables people to work together and get the information they need to do their best work, anywhere they are. ULTATEL’s cloud platform brings together phone, video, messaging, SMS and business apps, allowing people to connect, meet, and exchange information on any device. ULTATEL uses its technology and experience to help businesses address the challenges that matter to them, with an enterprise-grade platform that delivers exceptional service to an entrepreneur and scales to the largest multi-national organizations.