UniVoIP: Redefining Enterprise Communication

UniVoIP: Redefining Enterprise Communication

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Nick Payab, COO, UniVoIPNick Payab, COO

When the telecommunications industry was facing a paradigm shift in customer needs, 14 years ago, California-based UniVoIP had developed their first hosted VoIP platform. From its inception, UniVoIP has been instrumental in delivering comprehensive hosted VoIP and UCaaS solutions for small, medium to large businesses. The company specializes in delivering integrated business communication solutions, multimedia contact center functionality, cloud-based collaborative tools, mobility applications, and a powerful suite of advanced IP phones coupled with mobile integration.

While telecommunication needs of enterprises continue to evolve rapidly, businesses research solutions for mobility, ease of application integration and collaboration. UniVoIP provides enterprise-grade solutions that enable contact center managers and other users to communicate from anywhere via multiple channels just as if they were in the office. “Not just that, UniVoIP platform can easily integrate with clients’ systems, facilitate collaboration between the stakeholders, and fetch data, unlike the other existing solutions in the market, creating a material differentiator” emphasizes Nick Payab, COO of UniVoIP.

UniVoIP’s differentiating offering meets the needs of SMB and Enterprise companies and can be customized down to the user level. “With customization, security, and simplicity being the centerpiece of enterprise needs, customers struggle to meet these growing and unique communication need within their organizations. This is where we come in with a highly flexible enterprise edition platform,” says Payab. “In addition, with security concerns rising, we provide SRTP encryption on our VoIP transmission.” For befitting the features and functionalities with a client’s existing set of communication systems and applications, the company performs customization and integration of UniVoIP platform at the user level. UniVoIP brings in out-of-the-box and custom integrations through RESTful API and open media gateway.
“We allow collaboration within and outside of the customers’ network; we bridge other stakeholders and external parties for increasing communication within an organization, vendors, and partners,” he adds.

At the outset, UniVoIP undertakes extensive requirement analysis to determine the clients’ needs. During this process, the company understands the performance of communication systems already hosted by clients. Subsequently, the company educates the clients about the required measures and acquaints them with the benefits of adopting its solutions. With its enterprise-grade solution, users can leverage the single tenant architecture to utilize dedicated resources and benefit from geo-redundancy. Underpinned by multiple data centers across the USA, UniVoIP enterprise edition facilitates uninterrupted contact center management, mobile collaboration, and disaster recovery. Contact center managers can monitor an agent’s performance by checking voice and video recording for responses given to the customers, determine productivity and analyze real-time and historical reports for identifying the center performance. As the solution uses advanced security protocols, businesses are shielded from cyber threats and can proactively set up a disaster recovery plan rerouting the calls to external numbers in case of a major catastrophe.

While the company empowers large businesses with its enterprise-scale solution, it also accelerates the journey of small and medium firms towards optimized business communication. Organizations from all segments can tap into the power of mobile collaboration and productivity tools, advanced IP phones, conferencing and other functionalities to communicate effectively. With these cutting-edge tools, UniVoIP has already turned the corners of financial, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, non-profit, and entertainment companies. For instance, an organization, which was driven by a mission to elevate economic vitality and stability of over 70,000 businesses in the region, sought a solution for integration between Office 365 and mobile phones. Demonstration of UniVoIP’s capabilities forged the partnership between the two organizations. Eventually, the client could streamline the communication process with thousands of firms under its wings.

Scripting similar success stories, the company aims to deliver unique user experience and advanced functionalities to its clientele and uses feedback to touch upon the customer lifecycle that involves enhancing the solutions according to the business requirements. UniVoIP plans to employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its network of data centers to improve the provisioning of its solutions. In the days to come, the company plans to set its footprint in Mexico, Canada, South America, and Europe.
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El Segundo, CA

Nick Payab, COO

UniVoIP has been a pioneering leader in Cloud Communications and VoIP technology. The company has helped thousands of clients nationwide to shed intricate on-premise infrastructure in exchange for Cloud-hosted services. It has opened the way for offices to become flexible, mobile, and efficient in today's ever-evolving work environment. UniVoIP's comprehensive platform is the ultimate business upgrade that is making operations more professional, efficient, and profitable. Moreover it has also lowered the total communication costs while heightening functionality and productivity. Their OfficeConnect has also been built from the ground so that it can deliver the most reliable, powerful, and economical hosted communication services on the market