VirtualPBX: Still the Leader in Cloud Communications

VirtualPBX: Still the Leader in Cloud Communications

CIO VendorPaul Hammond, President & CEO
VirtualPBX has been offering hosted VoIP and networking service to companies from 1 to 10,000 for over 20 years. With engineering experience in networking development for governmental operations and open-source software development, VirtualPBX designs products that solve any business communication challenge. VirtualPBX’s primary focus is on being the undisputed leader in providing value-packed, feature-rich voice communications. The firm’s networking expertise offers professional services for business networks such as remediation, optimization, total capacity threshold testing, QoS, and even concierge management of organizations’ communication ecosystems. VirtualPBX also leverages its industry relationships to broker service contracts on the behalf of its customers to save them around thousands of dollars a month.

“We strive every day to be the undisputed leader in hosted voice, and as a result, all of our efforts lead back to delivering on that commitment,” said Paul Hammond, President and CEO of VirtualPBX. The company's premier VoIP offering, Dash, comes with a landmark interface renowned for its design simplicity and performance. Dash service plans supported by secure and systemic server redundancy maintain their industry-leading 99.999 percent operational uptime. Additionally, the company offers their award-winning 24-hour customer support to every single account for free. Also, new Dash accounts enjoy free portability to VirtualPBX and temporary call forwarding for immediate telephone service during the company’s lightning-fast and personalized onboarding process. Plus, the company’s proprietary free Web Phone allows new users to literally start running within minutes of signing up.

Organizations from all industries benefit from VirtualPBX’s hosted voice services. The benefits include staggering cost savings both from a subscription standpoint and the opportunity cost savings from simplified billing needs with VirtualPBX Mobile for Business. Additionally, organizations with distributed workforces are uniquely positioned to benefit from VirtualPBX’s hosted phone system as it facilitates communication globally.

We strive every day to be the undisputed leader in hosted voice, and as a result, all of our efforts lead back to delivering on that commitment

The company’s VoIP features like Auto Attendant help clients present a cohesive and authentic brand experience, no matter how many locations they have. “Whether you want your callers to be forwarded to an informational message, a particular employee, departmental group, or even to voicemail, the Auto Attendant service enables you to design the call flow that works best for you. Plus, like all of our customizable features, this can be programed to operate differently according to your company’s calendar as well,” added Hammond.

The hosted telephone system powered by VirtualPBX proved highly beneficial when Scott Mullins’ marketing firm, MDGI, wanted a suitable communication platform for his geographically dispersed employees. After exhausting his search for a voice system that would allow him to maintain a connection with his team as well as present a professional inbound call experience to his customers, he found in VirtualPBX both the most successful and the most affordable option available. The advanced connectivity from a truly customizable and mobile-first voice platform like Dash service plans was exactly what the company needed. Dash service enabled MDGI to get the right people into the right roles, no matter where they were located, through the completely streamlined communication that the service provided. Consequently, MDGI has been able to add more employees and customers to their ranks with the help of the infinitely scalable cloud-based VirtualPBX platform.

The company has broken the mold in their public relations, as well, by offering a publically accessible product roadmap for anyone to see. Appreciative of all feedback, VirtualPBX’s fully transparent roadmap welcomes all input from anyone who has commentary on the direction they have set, feature suggestions on the products they have, or a willingness to beta-test the products they roll out during trial periods. “That’s because we believe that accessibility is more important than exclusivity,” states Hammond.

Hammond concluded with, “the sense of ingenuity that we started with hasn’t died down one bit.” And it only takes a moment of investigation to see that he is correct and, if anything else, too modest, in his assessment.