XCast Labs: Reliable Partner for Full-suite VoIP Solutions

XCast Labs: Reliable Partner for Full-suite VoIP Solutions

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Patricia Mathis, Co-Founder & Executive Chairperson, XCast LabsPatricia Mathis, Co-Founder & Executive Chairperson
XCast Labs is a pioneer in providing telephony services to enterprises and consumers by leveraging its expertise in VoIP technologies. Founded by a tech duo—Patricia Mathis, its Executive Chairperson, and Vladimir Smelyansky, the CTO— XCast has been the early innovators in communication technologies since 2002. Exhibiting extraordinary potential and enthusiasm, the duo holds the legacy of demonstrating the power of speech recognition technology back in 1990s. Later on, they worked on deploying Soft switch into a major carrier network with the groundbreaking SIP-based technology for the first time in the history. This powerful legacy led the way for XCast’s formation and evolution as a pioneer in delivering VoIP solutions.

“We offer a full suite of SIP compliant VoIP services, including Hosted IP-PBX and SIP Trunking,” says Patricia. XCast’s key advantage over the competition has been the intelligent VoIP network that allows it to ensure quality, reliability, and flexibility of its offerings.

As a service provider in the VoIP space that works with multiple devices, XCast ensures that all devices adhere to the existing standards. In cases where devices do not comply with current standards, the company works on resolving the issues with source parties of these devices. XCast goes the extra mile in making sure that the devices fit for interoperability. For instance, even though certain headers may not be required according to the existing standards, it is mandatory for particular device's hassle-free operations. In such scenarios, XCast builds headers to make the device ready for operation. The flexibility to alter its product allows XCast to support a wide range of different devices.

To deliver uninterrupted services for its customers, XCast is always committed to ensuring the reliability of its network. The offered products perform at par with the most reliable landline legacy solutions.
XCast’s network is designed such that it greatly reduces Internet instability. It is done by utilizing multiple tier 1 providers, automatic monitoring the connection and ability to alter provider for a particular group of customers. For example, if one of the ISPs has a bad interconnection with the Internet backbone, XCast would look for multiple alternatives to find a working route(s) and redirect traffic of that ISP to it.The company has developed object-oriented client-server based system. That design enables XCast to package various capabilities as blocks or modules, allowing the easy appending relevant services with respect to the clients’ requirements.

Although the company delivers solutions directly to clients, the majority of its business comes from white-labeled services through its reseller network. XCast’s white-label approach allows resellers to leverage new marketing opportunities, expand their customer base while building brand loyalty, and increasing revenue. The company adopts a comprehensive approach while engaging with resellers, who have a unique set of customer base and requirements. By deploying an account team, XCast works closely with them, identifies their needs, and builds a solution for them.

With this unique approach under its sleeve, XCast caters to a wide range of verticals, including retail, hospital, hotel, bank, school, law firm, and city government. The company prides itself on a 100 percent success rate in assisting clients in streamlining their operations by using its robust network, which has even helped many businesses grow from scratch.

Envisioning the future, XCast is looking to penetrate other market segments, including the medical sector, by incorporating necessary innovations into its solution. From the technology standpoint, the company has rolled out its own cloud and migrated its products into the private cloud, identifying the lack of responsiveness and reliability associated with other exiting cloud services in providing phone services. Simultaneously, XCast is now working on moving some customers to its next-gen platform, on a trial run basis.

As a closing note, Smelyansky comments, “From the first years since our inception, we have been developing a strong intellectual property portfolio that is far ahead of the current technological advancements.” One among those is a technology that helps people to use a single password for all their banking functions, including web, cash card, and so on, instead of having different passwords. Popularizing these impactful technologies is always on the agenda of XCast.
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XCast Labs

XCast Labs

Los Angeles, CA

Patricia Mathis, Co-Founder & Executive Chairperson and Vladimir Smelyansky, Co-Founder & CTO

Founded in 2001, XCast Labs provides an array of hosted VoIP and video VoIP products and services, apart from complete turn-key support to wholesale, reseller, and agent partners. The company designs and develops its technological solution in-house, whereas its innovative platform offers clients the ability to address their customers’ needs and requirements without depending on outside vendors. The company’s culture and products are built around delivering consistent reliability with an aim to exceed the current industry standards. XCast Labs is headquartered in Los Angeles, California