Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers - 2019
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Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers - 2019

Designed from the ground up to simplify interactions, VoIP makes digital communication more efficient, convenient, and user-friendly. Aligning with the technological advancements, VoIP supports the mobility and omnichannel engagement needs of the companies. Meanwhile, the onset of 5G connectivity is expected to spur a new wave of revolution, with benefits of increased VoIP quality. With improved capabilities, VoIP will boost the connection speed to deliver better communication services.

The cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to clear the obstacles existing in VoIP. Implementing blockchain solutions in the VoIP space will give telecommunication operators the ability to streamline time-consuming multi-party processes like mobile number portability. Blockchain also promises transparency for telecom operators, regulators, and end users. On the other hand, AI will empower the operators to detect poor quality calls and faulty network configurations. More importantly, AI’s detailed analysis of the communication will arm the operators with insightful reports into customer behavior. Machine learning and data analytics, when combined with web robots, can handle different aspects of communication and streamline data gathering, education, training, and support.

To help CIOs navigate through the list of VoIP solution providers, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs and VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Enterprise Networking Magazine narrowed the Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers 2019 that exhibit competence in delivering solutions that tackle the various complexities in communication.

We present to you Enterprise Networking Magazine’s “Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers - 2019.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
8X8 Provides solutions to help businesses transform their customer and employee experience
Avaya Avaya solutions makes employee collaboration easier and more efficient, and customer satisfaction higher
Brightlink Provides comprehensive communication technology platform and solutions across voice, messaging, cloud applications, and analytics
Callifi Provides the extensive expertise to help customers design and implement a customized business phone solution optimized for features, comfort, and reliability
Dialpad Dialpad’s product suite which is Built on the Google Cloud Platform for unmatched security, reliability and scale covers the full range of modern business communications
Grasshopper Helps to be more professional, responsive & efficient with time management enabling to focus on growing your business
Phonebooth A nationwide supplier of voice and data communications services to small and medium size businesses
RingCentral Provider of cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for small business and enterprise companies
Ultatel Provides cloud-based phone system solutions through unified communications platform
UniVoIP A leader in Cloud Communications and VoIP technology